Spiker Girl

August 27, 2009

Spiker_150mlWow  . . . for the look that never quits . . . .

Joico I-C-E SPIKER™ Water-Resistant Styling Glue

It’s a fantastic styling glue that’s designed for all hair types.  It gives the firmest, fiercest hold possible and defines texture and separation.  It’s totally awesome.  Wow!!! And the ability to create any shape, including straight-out spikes.  Wicked!!!  Plus a sexy milk and honey fragrance.
So for wild shapes and wicked hold. Emulsify in hands. Distribute through towel-dried or damp hair. Spike, bend, twist or mold. Do whatever you’re into for the look that never quits. . .


Think Boots for Fall

August 27, 2009

The thigh high boot is the look for fall. 

Clothes are classical and colours subdued.  The boots add pop and punch.  After all doesn’t every savvy girl want to stand out from the crowd?  Yes, Yes, Yes.  Of course she does!!!

For women that ‘stand out’ look is just about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the hottest trend for shoes in 2010: thigh high boots.

More trends to follow . . .


September colour is bold and funky and the cuts are asymmetrical and angular. 

Wow!!!    The look is sexy dynamic with shocking patches of unexpected yellows, pinks and reds.   Whether you go for mid-length, chin-length, long-length and pixie-style—the bangs are bold and so are you. 

It’s the rock princess, indie princess look that’s right for school, downplayed for day and revved up for night.

Back to School . . . Back to Cool

Back to School . . . Back to Cool