Hot Colour for a Cool DayEmbellished legware– Yes, it’s lace tights and leggings  with rhinestones.  Gives glam to the gam!!!

Purple pouts – Update your look with some new lipstick in shades of plum and juicy cranberry!!!  Yummy!!!

Structured details– texture play; look for fluid draping and artfull  fall on dresses, tops and skirts.

Peplum silhouettes– It’s the 40’s and the 80’s and its hot and cool.  The retro shape  – flouncy overskirts sewn to the hem of a snug jacket or to the waist of a skirt or dress – add a feminine, girly charm that he’ll love.

Colour that Pops  –  Think burgundy, think blonde, think brunette – it’s colour that pops, that’s sexy,shiny, so you,   so HairCrafters!!!

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