Cold Weather . . . Hot Colour

October 14, 2009

Rich harmonies of dark browns, brunettes and chocolates are a favorite for the fall season. It’s all about trying colors that work best for your skin tone and mixing it up every now and then with highlights and low lights for a more modern vibe.

The biggest trend in haircolour right now is the use of highlights, and chunky color dimension. Play on your color with the use of adding more color to your hair to help brighten up your look. Ombre highlights are also a up and coming trend, hair can either be lighter at the top, or darker on the bottom depending on how comfortable you feel with the color.

The most popular shades of the winter season include : shades of brown, deep plums, auburn, mahogany, bright bold red, all sorts of blondes, multicolored with highlights, Chunky and ombre style highlights, black undertones and even slight lavender hue.

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