All Set for the Holidays

December 21, 2009


The Christmas holiday countdown continues and HairCrafters is all set to give you the latest holiday look!  

For women,  a great holiday look for a classy holiday occasion is a chignon.  You simply can’t go wrong with this look.   It looks great on straight, curly or wavy hair.

Whatever your style this holiday season HairCrafters has it covered. 

HairCrafters is no appointments ever!!!

Merry Christmas from HairCrafters! 

Holiday Curl

December 10, 2009

Changing your hair’s texture dramatically transforms your look for that special Holiday Season event.

Holiday Curls

Holiday Curls at HairCrafters - Gift Certificates Available

Apply Joico Joi Whip mousse to damp hair. Blow-dry, tousling with your fingers. Make a loose centre part. Using a curling wand, wind a section of hair away from your face. The wand doesn’t have a clamp, so it creates smoother curls on long hair. Pause for 20 to 30 seconds, then gently slide hair off. Repeat all over.

Run your fingers through the ringlets to separate them into bigger waves. Spritz with JoiMist Medium hair spray to help them hold their shape.

Holiday Magic

December 7, 2009

Holiday Magic, Holiday Curls

This Holiday season let HairCrafters perform holiday magic on your hair. 

In  two minutes:   Getting a polished, pulled-together look is quicker with short hair than with any other length — it requires just mousse and a comb.  

 Apply a golf ball-size dollop of Goldwell Flexi Whip mousse to damp hair. Use a comb to make a deep side part in line with the arch of your eyebrow. Smooth hair on the heavy side of the part across your forehead. Tuck hair behind ears and let air-dry. 

In five minutes: Create the illusion of an updo simply by adding a hair accessory. Distribute mousse through damp hair with your hands. Flip your head over and quickly blast it with a dryer; tousle with your fingers. Push a thin headband into the hair. Or cover your hairline with a thicker band to camouflage oily roots. Tease hair behind the band to prevent the band from slipping. 

Apply Colour Perfect Curl Definer styling cream to ends for shine.  Dab a bit of Colour Perfect Shine Wax cream wax on your fingertips and smooth over each curl to give it even more definition and gloss. 

A great short haircut is wash and go for the holiday season.  It’s also easy to care for and surprisingly versatile. Use a gentle shampoo such as Wella Colour Perfect Volumizing Shampoo (short lengths can handle daily washing, especially if you have an oily scalp). Follow up with Wella Colour Perfect Volumizing Conditioner a light conditioner — anything too moisturizing will flatten hair.

Spritz on Wella Colour Perfect Detangler and Leave In Conditioner and let hair

air-dry to keep it healthy. Limit heat styling to two or three times a week, and keep sessions brief.