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At HairCrafters hair colour is art so last week we attended the  Goldwell Academy @ Toronto to learn the latest colour trends from Goldwell.

Goldwell Trend Scouts visited all the fashion hotspots including New York, Tokyo, Berlin and London and found the 2010 trend: Just naked.

Design, fashion and hair play with patterns of nature in a surprisingly new way. It’s all about reduction and simplification – creating individuality through the purity of shape and natural colors. By adding lively facets and original details, a modern and elegantly pure look is created.

Inspired by the beauty of clear structures in nature – overlapping petals and leaves – the Color Zoom ’10 Creative Team created the new Foliage Color Technique.  

Stay tuned . . .

Tom Markoulis, Business Development Manager, Godwell, and Heather Scott, Field Education Manager, Ontario West, Goldwell

Hot off the press!!!!   At HairCrafters, we’re now carrying Goldwell hair care products to give our clients increased flexibility of choice.   

Goldwell hair care products have been specifically formulated for different hair types using the Goldwell specific System Technology.  Goldwell delivers visible and noticeable results you can see and feel.

Ask your HairCrafters stylist about Goldwell.

HairCrafters at School

March 2, 2010

Jie, Lina, Athina, Donna and Sarah attend February Regis Training Workshop

HairCrafters stylists take pride in bringing the latest styles, trends, and products to their clients.  At monthly and bi-monthly training sessions our stylists try out new products, and learn new cutting and styling techniques from beauty industry leaders. 

At HairCrafters, Excellence is part of our promise.