Seriously chic or softly sophisticated, HairCrafters shows you how.

 Seriously Chic  –   A slicked mane parted down the middle says no-nonsense polish.  Comb Joico Silk Result Sheer Gloss through the top layer of your dry hair only, leaving all of the body through the length intact.  Use Joico Design Spray to finish. 

Joico Body Luxe Available at HairCrafters

Softly Sophisticated  –  

Start with a thickening mousse to shape and hold your updo.  Back brush the top section first and then sweep back the sides for added polish.  Use Joico Body Lux for body and thickness.

 For polished retro curls with soft texture and mega volume we recommend Joico texture spray to create a firm base and Joi Mist Firm to finish.

Joico hair care products at HairCrafters – a wonderful way to say “I love you” to Mom.