Summer Sun Hair Care

June 23, 2010

Summer Sun

Summer sun protection with Joico Hair care products

Summer sun and humidity can damage your hair’s cuticle and result in dry, drab, split, brittle and frizzy hair.   Sunlight can be just as damaging as a hot blow dryer, and naturally curly hair easily gets the frizzies. 

Prevent static electricity when you shampoo by applying a rinse out hair conditioner  such as Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner that instantly adds moisture and shine.

After towel drying tresses apply a drop or two of a great leave-in product, such as Joico Daily Care Leave in Detangler. It is a weightless leave-in detangling treatment that protects the hair, and provides hydration for all day benefits. It also gives protection against thermal styling, and leaves hair shiny, manageable and full of body.

If you normally use hot hair tools every day, try and give your hair a break during the summer months. Consider letting your air dry.  Take a break from hot curling.

 Hair braided when wet will air dry into beautiful waves.

 For sun exposed or sun damaged tresses use deep hair conditioning treatments.  Some products we recommend are the Joico K-PAK Sun Therapy line.   These groundbreaking formulas fuse Hydroxy Sun complex with Quadramine Complex to repair sun damaged hair by literally filling in the holes burned into the cuticle by the harmful rays of the sun.

Ask your HairCrafters stylist about these fabulous Joico products.

More summer hair care tips to follow. . .

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