Spring Shag

Spring Shag

The Easter weekend is a sure sign that Spring is here and with it a hot, new look for you.

This Spring, the 70’s influence is everywhere and so is the shag.  The shag is making a comeback with a lot of texture and volume.  it’s free-flowing and sexy. messy, roughed-up hair.   

The new shag has lots of tousled, sexy layers and thicker, heavier bangs.  

New Spring hair styles will have a messier, roughed up, textured look whether short, medium or long.  The new shag haircut has a definite rock and roll feel to it. It’s almost boyish, more messy than pretty, like the shag haircut of the 70′s.  It looks good at every length and every face shape can wear it!

The shag bob uses linear shapes with movement and texture, creating unstructured fluidity and tousled sexiness!  The bob is a great mid-length look that’s timeless, and the texture and movement keep it current.

Your HairCrafters stylist has all the looks for you and it’s no appointments ever, so visit us and treat yourself.

Happy Easter.  Happy Spring!

Think Spring Curls

April 10, 2011

Spring Curls - Hot Look

Spirng Curls - Hot Look

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you just want to adopt a whole new look on straight hair able to impress, you should know that for the warmer season everything is possible as curls are back for good with a myriad of versions for long, medium-length and short hair.

Regardless the length of your hair, there are so many different options for everyone. From the natural, messy long curls and the ’30s-inspired curly bob to the short rock-punk attitude and feminine updos, get ready to enjoy summer and flaunt amazing curly hairstyles with self-confidence.

For spring/summer 2011 you can flaunt well-defined long curls, or messier, natural versions that are hot and sexy.