Low Up Do

Low Up Do

It’s soft, sexy, spring and into summer . . . and it’s a hot, new trend too!

The Low Up Do

Step One

Create a centre part and beginning at the crown back-comb the hair, working towards the nape, in horizontal sections.  Spray each section with KMS dry xtreme Hairspray  before backcombing.

 Step Two

Brush the hair over the back-combing and secure it at the nape of the neck in a ponytail.  Back-comb over the ponytail and spray with Goldwell Big finish Volume spray for added texture and hold.

 Step Three

Twist the ponytail and wrap it into a bun. 

Secure around the edges with bobby pins, adding extra Goldwell Big finish volume spray.  

 For extra shine to control frizziness apply Goldwell Radiant Star shine Spray.

Now that it’s May consider the warmer-weather look for you—from warm and sweet to retro glam 

Spring and Summer Side Part

Spring and Summer Side Part

The Side Part

This elegant style can be either sleek or textured, depending on the desired effect.

Step 1

Start with slightly damp hair and add volume with KMS Add volume styling foam  From root to tip.  Blow dry hair upside down and scrunch while drying. 

Use the highest heat but lowest fan setting to lessen the frizz.  When the hair is completely dry, finish off with the cold-air setting.

Step 2

Create a deep side part, using the highest point of the eyebrow arch as a start reference.  Back-comb a few sections about an inch from the hairline

Step 3

Sweep hair to the side and low across the forehead.  Use a barrette to secure it.

Finishing off with KMS Quick Finish Spray, for a fast drying hold and finish.

Happy Mother’s Day for Mom’s Everywhere.  HairCrafters has the Summer Look for You!!!


Bold and asymmetrical are the watchwords for 2011, with traditional bright and vibrant highlights of the past, including strawberry and even platinum blond hues predicted to be the hot new look this summer.

With the addition of dramatic chunks of pastel color, this year the spotlight is definitely on fun and creativity!


Styles, lengths and cuts were once again all over the place at the Spring-Summer 2011 fashion events, including buns, rolls and bobs, ponytails, and even big hair and teased side ponytails tied up in hair bows, a la the 1980’s Madonna look.

In general, styles are becoming more free and casual compared to super neat precision cuts of the past several years.

Back again this summer, the classic bob features strong graphic outlines incorporating. curves and sharp lines. Go for asymmetry – try one side longer or raise the back and lower the front. Mix lengths gradually, add volume with layers or stick to one length cuts. This is a cut that you can tailor to your face and lifestyle — a look for the individual. Soften it with wisps or a bit of back combing.

HairCrafters has it all for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!