More Summer Hair Tips for a Hot August

August 4, 2011

 Want beautiful summer hair this summer?  Who doesn’t?  But before it can be beautiful, it’s got to be healthy.  Here, more must-knows of summer hair health.

Less Really Is More
“Use your fingers and the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to help curl and dry your locks.

Twist random sections of hair as it’s drying (random-size sections provide the most natural look) and you’ll look low-key and easygoing. You’ll also save yourself some time—and hair damage—by not blow-drying completely. All of this provides a low-maintenance routine and gives you a great look that you don’t have to keep checking on throughout the day.”

Block Out the Summer
“Summer is just fraught with hair danger, and prevention is key. When you’re at the beach, slick your dry hair back with Goldwell DualSenses Ultra Volume Gel Conditioner.  

Conditioner acts as a barrier to sunlight, salt water, and chlorine. If you want summer highlights, skip certain strands. They will lighten up in the sun to give you fabulous, natural-looking highlights.

Eat Right
“Eat a healthy diet. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids—found in foods such as salmon, spinach, and omega-3-rich eggs—can keep your hair strong and looking healthy and shiny!”

Goldwell Summer Colour for a Hot August

Goldwell Summer Colour for a Hot August

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