Your Colour . . . Your Way

October 31, 2011

Trendy haircolors are on the rise this winter,  especially with brilliant brunettes, bright blondes and  rich redheads.

illuminated effect brunette hair color is one of the  hottest hair color trends right now.  It’s a fun look that welcomes the cold winter months by illuminating your locks, think actors such as Jessica Biel and Drew Barrymore.

Ombre Hair Color for fall 2011

The Ombre is a fancy word for a technique of coloring the hair, the color darker at the base and then shows brighter and lighter at the tips of trees and on the mid-shaft. The key to this brunette hair color trends is to ensure that the darker shade at the root is soft and  gradually bleeds out.

How to choose the appropriate type of brown highlights depends  on whether your hair is warm-toned or cool-toned. Examples of warm-toned  hair has golden or reddish undertones. Cool-toned hair pick beige and  ash browns. Warm or cool tones of  your hair should suit to your highlights. Experiment  with blonde highlights if your hair is in light brown region to middle brown. Light  chestnut color will be look great with a gorgeous honey blonde.

For subtle highlights, the idea is to give your hair a sun-kissed  look instead of an all-over blonde look.

Bright Blonde this Fall at HairCrafters - colour Goldwell

Bright Blonde this Fall at HairCrafters - colour Goldwell

Anna, Maria and Sal - HairCrafters Gage & Mohawk

Anna, Maria and Sal - HairCrafters Gage & Mohawk

Anna – “I like KMS Color Vitality Shine and Shield because 80% of my clients have dry hair and it takes the frizziness away.  It’s a very light product,  It adds shine, protects colour and is an antioxidant-packed formula with UV filter to extend the life of hair colour.”

Sal -” I love to use KMs Hairstay Styling Gel. It works as a styling lotion and is good for defining layers.  It’s excellent  short hair cuts and is good for kids hair as it’s not too strong to spike the hair and it washes out easily.”

Maria – “KMS Hairsay Style Boost is excellent.  It makes the set last 3 times longer and is good for fine hair.’

Recently, I met with the HairCrafters stylists at Gage and Mohawk to learn about their favourite products.

Lori – “I like the KMS Moist Repair Revival Cream.  It works great for tangled, permed, naturally curly and even “swimmers” hair.  it spreads evenly through the hair from root to tip, to leave the hair feeling great.”

Dana – “I love the KMS Hairplay Dry Wax.  The product is excellent for short hair for both men and women.  It’s not sticky, gives shine and helps achieve a nice, wispy look.  It makes the clients’ hair look more smooth and it’s a great product for at-home hair care–extremely easy and effective to use.”

If you’re tired of excessive blow-drying, straightening and styling, you’ll be thrilled to know the hottest cut for fall 2011 is a long, natural,  layered cut with long layers in the back and shorter layers in the front to frame your face.  This cut is ideal because it works for all different types of hair textures.

Ombre - sexy and subtle

Fall’s hottest colour
“The hottest colour trend for fall is most certainly ombré. Ombré refers to the colouring technique that starts with a dark root colour and gradually lightens towards the ends.

Many Hollywood starlets are wearing the look and while you might think they need a colour touch-up on their roots, the look is actually deliberate.

Fall’s hottest styling trend for long hair

The hottest styling trend for fall is big, loose, bohemian-inspired waves.  To get the look at home HairCrafters recommends using a large-barrel curling iron. Take fairly large sections and wrap the hair around the iron, while twisting the hair at the same time.

The Ombre Look for Fall

The Ombre Look for Fall