If you’re tired of excessive blow-drying, straightening and styling, you’ll be thrilled to know the hottest cut for fall 2011 is a long, natural,  layered cut with long layers in the back and shorter layers in the front to frame your face.  This cut is ideal because it works for all different types of hair textures.

Ombre - sexy and subtle

Fall’s hottest colour
“The hottest colour trend for fall is most certainly ombré. Ombré refers to the colouring technique that starts with a dark root colour and gradually lightens towards the ends.

Many Hollywood starlets are wearing the look and while you might think they need a colour touch-up on their roots, the look is actually deliberate.

Fall’s hottest styling trend for long hair

The hottest styling trend for fall is big, loose, bohemian-inspired waves.  To get the look at home HairCrafters recommends using a large-barrel curling iron. Take fairly large sections and wrap the hair around the iron, while twisting the hair at the same time.

The Ombre Look for Fall

The Ombre Look for Fall