A Hot Retro Look that’s Cool for the Summer

May 28, 2012

Brigitte Bardot Updo

Brigitte Bardot Updo – get the look with Goldwell hairspray

Retro is hot this season:  retro geometric prints, sleeveless shifts, and vintage looks inspired by Mad Men, and high, teased hair.

To achieve volume and sex appeal with resembling an extra from Hairspray, think the Brigitte Bardot look. The look is “done and undone” at the same time – sexy messy and Goldwell Volume Double Boost Rootlift Spray can give your hair the lift and the look.

Tools to use:  hot rollers, three elastics, bobby pins, hair clips, Goldwell Double Boost Rootlift Spray, a teasing comb, a flat brush, black ribbon.

Use the rollers to set the hair on the top of your head.  Roughing up the texture is crucial because it helps the hay hold a shape.  Once the rollers cool, remove them and go into the next step. 

Build the base:  Lift your roots by brushing upward from underneath your hair.  Then take the bottom layer of your hair and make a low ponytail.  Curl the ponytail around two or three fingers, and pin it to the hair a the nape of your neck with two large bobby pins, one on either side.  this is the bottom of your hairdo.

Tease:  Take a section of hair above your forehead and hold it firmly toward the ceiling.  Then place your comb, not at the roots of the hair, but about the width of two fingers up from the roots.  Now briskly comb backwards towards the scalp.

When you’re through with that section, take the next section behind it and repeat the teasing process, working your way toward the back of your head.

Remember you want the volume to increase as you work backward,  To do that, keep backcombing farther up the hair shaft so that by the time you reach the middle of your head, you are placing your comb about three fingers up from your roots.  At the back of your head, you can place the comb four fingers up from your roots.

More directions in next post . .  .

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