More on the Brigitte Bardot Updo

May 28, 2012

To keep the look natural and of the moment, comb the hair back using your fingers, not a brush, as was the custom in the 1960s.

Brigitte Bardot inspired updos

Brigitte Bardot inspired updos

Tiered ponytails;  Gently gather the hair you just combed back into a second ponytail directly above the one at the base of your neck.  Pin this new ponytil to the hair at the back of your head.  Next, make a third ponytail out of the end of the second, Again, pin down both sides. Carefully comb back the front and sides of your hairdo.

Hairspray:  To keep the front of your hair flatter than the back, insert a few metal clips a couple of inches back from your forehead.  Use Goldwell hairspray very generously and remove the clips.  Add a black headband or ribbon to complete the look.


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