Spring Hair Textures

February 27, 2013

Hair textures are big this Spring and we’re pleased to bring you the latest looks.

Messy and Matted

Frizzy, unkempt-looking hair is in for spring. It’s a boho look with natural  waves and curls that are a bit mussed up.

Skinny and Smooth

Super straight, long locks graced the runways in simple, sleek styles.  No volume here!  Prayers are answered for those of us with superfine hair!!!

Wet ‘n’ Wild

It’s sleek and mixed in with dry strands. Create a slicked-back top and leave ends gently wavy for an everyday way to wear this look.

Look Boho with natural, just jumped out of the shower curls

Spring Green

February 18, 2013

What’s the new in hair colour this Spring???

Green!!!   Colour is going bold and daring with a shade that’s also been named the Pantone colour of the year for 2013.

Lady Gaga was the first one to start flaunting green hair a couple of years ago. And for this Spring 2013 we predict it will be big!  Pink and Blue will also be popular too!! 

So go ahead, be sexy and adventurous  . . .



February 11, 2013

A Look that’s Hot for Spring

The Spring 2013 Ready to Wear featured a hairstyling trend we like to called ‘faux-fringe’ – which is a way of styling hair to make it look like a client has bangs without actually committing to the cut. We’ve collected a few model-inspired looks to try out on clients that are curious.

The fastest way to show a client what potential bangs could look like is taken from looks at Eudon Choi and Chloe, where hair was set in a deep part and swept across the forehead. This styling trick is also perfect to try in an updo.

Natural, carefree hair is in where longer strands were allowed to fall in front of models’ faces. If clients are open to having somewhat shorter layers in the front, this can be another option to let them play with the feeling of having fringe while still having a versatile style.

Faux Fringe

Faux Fringe