How to Get the Gatsby Look

May 27, 2013

Get the retro hair look: Prep hair- While this curl is typically styled on short hair, the good news is that most lengths can wear the finger wave.

What you need on hand: clean, just-washed hair, a fine-tooth comb and quality hair care products such as the LAGOOM JAM from GOLDWELL.

If you don’t have a curling iron, don’t fret: it’s called the finger wave for a reason. Comb wet hair and divide small sections into a wave pattern, pinning into place and allowing hair to air-dry. Once it’s dry you can brush it out to give it a lovely airy texture or break it up with your fingers.

Finish off with shine-inducing spray for the glossy spring hair-inspired finish. “A lightweight shine spray will add that wonderful reflective quality.  We recommend SILK SHEEN GLOSS SPRAY. Weightless and ultra-shiny!


Use Goldwell Lagoom Jam for the Great Gatsby Look

great gatsby look

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