Fashion Forward – Our Predictions for Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

September 9, 2013

Houndstooth Check is hot for Fall and Winter 2013

Our predictions for fall and winter:
Outerwear: Oversized, embellished, and bold.

Jackets: Embellished with soft shoulders, fitted, belted or peplum.

Nipped at the waist and full or pencil thin.

Trousers: Lean, either straight leg or skinny.

Dresses: Fitted or loose and slouchy.

Footwear: Oxfords, boots, pumps, boxy heels, plus super high. The newest trend…shoes worn with socks.

Patterns: Plaid, houndstooth, tweeds, animal prints, pinstripe, quilted, and colour blocking with black or blue and black with grey.

Look for more trends to follow . . .

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