Ladylike Lace for Spring 2014

March 26, 2014

Think Lace
After a 2013 during which the openwork fabric ruled the runways, the streets and the red carpet alike, the lace trend bears a new level of sophistication for 2014, increasing its timeless beauty just when you’d think it can’t possibly get any better.

Whether used as a feminine accent, or sported as an overall look, lace is ready to lend your wardrobe with some of its undisputed elegance this season. From tops, to skirts and sophisticated gowns everything points to a regained sense of femininity.

Alongside its timeless quality, the spring 2014 fashion trends bet on lace’s enriched versatility, having designers in pursuit of an enticing color palette, spread across a long line of refined silhouettes and cuts. Envisioned for a smooth transition between day and night, the lace garments became even more irresistible this spring. Learn how the trend progressed and how to make it work for you after the break.

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