It’s that time of the year: the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and you’ve got the Special Day to attend so we’ve picked some hot looks for you!!!!
You want to make sure your prom hairstyle and your prom makeup work with your dress. Below are the hottest looks for this Prom & Wedding Season.
The Mussy Updo
Half-up/Half-down Prom Hair
The Classic Prom Updo
Long Hair Worn Down (the Non-Updo)
The Side Ponytail
Short Hair
Side Buns
The Bejeweled Prom Hairstyle
Fake Bobs

2011-11-23 11.11.04
The hottest hair color trends for 2014 include ombré, platinum, dip-dyes and bright hues.

Think blond, red, rich browns, and audacious colour. Pamper yourself with colour this Mother’s Day!!!