Hot Summer Fashion

June 23, 2014

Hot Graphics for Summer 2014

Hot Graphics for Summer 2014

IRIDESCENCE – For a major impact, slip on a holographic dress or skirt. For a more subdued effect, grip an iridescent clutch, instead.

There’s little that marks the transition to summer like taking the scissors to your hair.

The Modern Summer Bowl

The Modern Summer Bowl

From The Karlie (textured side-swept bangs and a swingy collarbone chop) to The Sam (blunt lines and brow-grazing fringe),  a short haircut creates a standout statement.

It’s a wash-and-go summer cut, and it communicates a bold message of self-assurance.

Below are our five faves for this summer

  • The Feathered Pixie
  • The Blunt Bob
  • The Collar-Grazing Chop
  • The Modern Bowl
  • The Textured Crop


Prom Rules

June 4, 2014

Rules for Selecting a Prom Hairstyle

1: Choose the dress first. Your hair should complement your dress, not compete with it.

2: Consider your personality. You want to be comfortable at the prom, which means you want to look like the very best version of yourself. If you are a casual girl who never wears makeup, the prom is not the day to break out your inner Kim Kardashian. Leave the formal updos for the classic, traditional girls.

3: Work with your hair texture, don’t fight it. Curly hair looks amazing either down or up. Straight hair can be curled into waves and wound into ornate updos (with the help of pins and hairspray). Wavy hair can be either straightened or curled and is the perfect texture for half-up/half-down styles as well as updos.