Fall Fashion Trends . . . We Predict

September 25, 2014

Punk fashion is hot.  The punk rebellion is also set to access a new level of sophistication with its signature elements ready to undergo a refined changeover.

Plaid pattern.  Plaid in its grungy and chic manifestations is also predicted to stay on as a major pattern trend, capturing the imagination of designers once again as they present their fall / winter 2014 collections.

Boudoir.  We predict  ‘Boudoir’ to also keep growing and evolving as a trend, stemming from the previous incarnation of pyjama dressing and drawing more inspiration from Victorian gentleman and old Hollywood starlets alike. Further vintage inspired details are set to enter boudoir territory.

1950s fashion. One can also expect the fall and winter of 2014 to witness an ever-growing sensibility towards the 1950s signature elements of femininity. The swing jackets and full skirt fantasies will be reenvisioned together with the cinched waists and elbow length gloves, calling to mind icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn

Cutout clothing.  In an effort to preserve the idea of subtle sensuality even during the colder months, the cutout clothing is set to effortlessly transition its high appeal into fall / winter 2014. Exposing just the right amount of skin while growing into a statement of style and poise, the cutaway clothing is yet to make its final statement.

1950's Glamour for Fall 2014

1950’s Glamour for Fall 2014

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