The classic French twist gets a modern makeover, bohemian waves are so now, and leather is the new gold in hair bands.

Some of the other top hairstyle trends we’re predicting for Fall 2015 are:

  • The ponytail – messy , sleek, side ponytail and ponytails wrapped in metal and leather, but what they all have in common is that they are seriously low and sophisticated!
  • The deep, glamorous and chic side part.
  • The classic French twist with a looser, younger, cooler, more hip look with sophisticated messiness and intriguing clips and ribbons.
  • Bohemian waves in long hair with lots of texture and kinky curls.
  • Luxury leather hair accessories:  hair bands, clips and barretts in smooth leathers and velvety suedes.
  • The Knot replaces the neat and prissy Bun; Knots are thrown together with casual and chic elegance.
  • Tiny braids and mini waves

    new Twist - fall 2015 hair fashion trend

    Twist with Metal, Leather and Hot Colour

The hair tucked in is shaping up to be a top fall trend for fall 2015!

It requires minimum effort yet looks cool and elegant.  In a dress, a scarf, or a turtleneck collar, the hair tucked in complements the fall 2015 hair trends in looking pretty, uncomplicated and right for any occasion.

The hair tucked in is a simple yet sophisticated look for this fall and winter and shows off hair shine and colour!

Hidden inside gorgeous scarfs, sophistiated dresses and underneath cool caps, the style says  easy sophistication by having the hair looking fuller while still bearing a natural feel. The quick styling trick also offers the illusion of a crop, without forcing you to commit to a new cut for the long term.

It’s definitely a win-win styling trend!

Hair Tucked in for Fall 2015

Hair Tucked in for Fall 2015



Summer has started but it’s not too early to think about your new back to school look!  Some hot trends we’re spotting!

The Ponytail 

The everyday ponytail was anything but ordinary on runways from New York to Paris for Fall 2015. The highlights: Prada’s gravity-defying side-pinned style and Dior’s waist-grazing asymmetrical take on the look.


The fringe is back!  Think Jane Birkin in the 1960’s!  On the Saint Laurent runway, many of the models wore the look,  offering definitive proof that the trend is here to stay.

The New Updo

Finger-raked knots, sleek high buns, and slick, subversively tight chignons  were just a few examples of how the updo shook off its uptown connotations for fall.  Marc Jacobs reimagined street style’s favorite hairstyle as an elegant evening staple in the form of his Diana Vreeland–esque topknots.

 The Great Divide – The Side Part
 Both boyish and  feminine, a deep side part may be the quickest way to add instant style to straight, otherwise simple hair by day. Slicked to the crown with a bit of pomade, the look took on elegant, evening-ready potential.
Bangs - a top fall trend

Bangs – a top fall trend