Three Cool Cuts for the Summer

bangs and layers are cool for the summer

bangs and layers are cool for the summer


 Mid-length strands bluntly layered at three stages: Cheekbones, chin, and collarbone  The long bangs frame the face, the layers help soften the face.  The layers are very forgiving so you can either blow dry or air dry.


A closely shorn pixie that is longer and choppier on top and asymmetrically layered in front.  It’s an edgy look without feeling over-the-top.  It’s a great option if you have with straight to wavy hair.


An above-the-chin bob with heavily feathered ends and a chunky, side-swept bang.  This versatile style is halfway between a pixie and a bob-which makes it perfect for anyone that is growing out a shorter cut. Because the style is so free-form, it looks great at all stages of growth.

Best Summer Haircuts

May 16, 2016

Summer Blonde

Summer Blonde

If there were ever a time to consider switching up your hair look, it’s summer. To survive sweltering weather and beach days, you’ll want a cut that is decidedly low-maintenance and able to stand on its own sans hot tools and as close as wash-and-wear as possible.

Sometimes hair around your neck and shoulders feels like you’re wearing a hair scarf, which is why we’re  a fan of the bob. In addition to the cooling relief it provides, we like it because when a strong shape is cut into your hair, it’s nice that everything will basically fall into place.