Red is The Hot for Fall

September 27, 2016

Red is Fall's Hot Colour

Red is Fall’s Hot Colour

What’s the most popular hair colour trend for fall? Reds, reds, reds.

Whether you are  looking for a whole new look or a new way to freshen up your hair colour for fall, reds are experiencing a major resurgence. While this hue has typically been popular for those with lighter skin tones, the new palette of reds is making its way into an even broader range.

Tthe biggest difference in red hues for this season is in depth.   There’s more intensity yet a lived-in look that has a smoky, almost dusty feel.

How to choose the right red for you

As with any hair colour, when it comes to selecting the right red for you,  reds with more vibrant copper undertones are great for fair complexions, while red shades with darker, cooler undertones are best for darker complexions.  If you have naturally dark hair, using a burgundy or eggplant hue looks fab!



InstaTint for InstaGlam

September 9, 2016

We love Joico’s InstaTint.  You’re loving bold pops of color these days, but a little gun-shy to go all-in. We sooo get it… and that’s why this genius can of InstaTint is about to become your new best friend. Spray in as little or as much of this dazzling true-blue tone as your heart desires; then wash it out when you’ve had enough. (Up to three full days later.) Mix-and-match with our other four shades and create a spectrum of color that’s uniquely YOU; unparalleled shine comes along for the ride.

Perfect choice for: Any hair color, texture, or length. InstaTint doesn’t discriminate.

Here’s how: Spray 8-10 inches from dry hair, using short bursts. Allow product to dry between applications, layering to intensify color.

The inside secret: Temporary pigments mean no long-term commitment or processing damage. And our exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex repairs, protects, fights frizz, and adds shine with each and every application.