The buzz on this year’s Halloween costumes? It’s celebrity central all the way…

To make things easy, we’ve nailed down a simple strategy for pulling off your doppelganger in minutes: with Joico’s hot, new InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Spray…five punchy, playful colors that allow you to commit to your costume for one night only. (Just hop in the shower, and the color washes out with a single shampoo.)

Channeling: Gwen Stefani

Start with: pale blonde to medium-dark-blonde hair (or a wig)

The InstaTint pick: Orchid and Sapphire Blue, plus Joico’s Tint Shot in Black.

How to’s…

·      Start by creating a deep side part. Then, divide hair into two sections, separating the majority of the back from the front fringe area.

·      Gather all the back hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

·      Use a flat iron to help guide hair to the side, giving it a sleek, blunt end.

Spray Orchid from roots to about three-or-four inches of the fringe. Without changing position, begin spraying Black or Sapphire Blue right where you left off, and cover about two more inches of the hair. (If you want clean, sharp lines, use a paper towel or sheet of paper to protect from overspray.)


Pumpkin Time

October 6, 2016

It’s that time of year!  Autumn means warm colours, family meals, and pumpkin spice.

We love Autumn because it engages all of our senses… We get to taste the most comforting foods again, see gorgeous colours as the leaves change, hear the sound of laughter as family and friends gather to share meals, touch warm fabrics like velvet and fur, and finally, smell the spices that make the season.

We love the Fall too because it’s a good time to change our style – our hair cut – and colour – and yes, red is so in this Fall!!!

Happy Fall!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy pumpkin time!

Hot Fall Colour

Hot Fall Colour