Best Hair Trends for Fall 2017, Straight From the Runways

September 1, 2017

Easy Waves – These waves are like you’ve rarely seen them: long, laid-back, and easy all around.

Curly Bangs – If you have curls and ever thought bangs weren’t for you, let this season sway your opinion. Because bangs do work for every texture.

Shag – Yes its back and you’ve probably heard of the “shag” by now, and the models on the Saint Laurent runway were rocking the cut. It’s a little rock ’n’ roll, a little playful, and very cool—especially if you’re naturally curly.

Deep Side Part – The no-nonsense hair is sleek and sophisticated, chic and tidy but without an oily look.

Vintage Buns – The forties-inspired, double-bun looks so hot in blonde!

Pretty Updos – two hair looks: twisted and the crown braid which is much  easier than it looks. Just part your hair down the middle, braid a fat plait on either side, and then crisscross them around the front of your head. Leave out a few strands to keep it from looking too perfect, which would take away from the romantic vibe.

Vintage Bun in Fall 2017 Blonde!

Vintage Bun in Fall 2017 Blonde!


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