Make It Body Shake in 2018

January 5, 2018

Introducing Body Shake, a radically new volume-building texturizer that creates all-day hold with a plush, velvety-matte finish — not a trace of powdery residue in sight!


Buttery blondes, sexy shades of brown, fiery ombrés, fantasy colors from pastel to dark purple — there are so many hair color trends to choose from as we kick off the new year, you may be tempted to try a new one each month!

Not quite a true red, but not flaxen either, strawberry blonde is a spectrum. It’s naturally flattering to fair skin and light eyes, but as these celebrities prove, it looks gorgeous on just about anyone.  There are so many ways to go blonde! Depending on how willing you are to maintain your color, there’s a shade that’s perfect for you and your skin tone.

Burgundy is auburn’s cool cousin — a color that could conceivably grow out of your head naturally, but with a playfully edgy twist. From bright berry to intense oxblood, you truly have to try this shade at least once.

Burgundy Colour

Burgundy is auburn’s cool cousin


Vivienne Mackinder’s Party Royale will steal hearts this season — a faux bob that puts a modern spin on the sultry blonde waves immortalized by Marilyn Monroe.

For the ultimate in glamorous holiday looks!

Introducing “Silhouette,” an exquisite new Holiday Hair and Red Carpet collection from Joico, created by Vivienne Mackinder, Joico Guest Artistic Director.

Easy Waves – These waves are like you’ve rarely seen them: long, laid-back, and easy all around.

Curly Bangs – If you have curls and ever thought bangs weren’t for you, let this season sway your opinion. Because bangs do work for every texture.

Shag – Yes its back and you’ve probably heard of the “shag” by now, and the models on the Saint Laurent runway were rocking the cut. It’s a little rock ’n’ roll, a little playful, and very cool—especially if you’re naturally curly.

Deep Side Part – The no-nonsense hair is sleek and sophisticated, chic and tidy but without an oily look.

Vintage Buns – The forties-inspired, double-bun looks so hot in blonde!

Pretty Updos – two hair looks: twisted and the crown braid which is much  easier than it looks. Just part your hair down the middle, braid a fat plait on either side, and then crisscross them around the front of your head. Leave out a few strands to keep it from looking too perfect, which would take away from the romantic vibe.

Vintage Bun in Fall 2017 Blonde!

Vintage Bun in Fall 2017 Blonde!


The  Short, sexy, cropped blonde hair is hot for that back to school, back to work look.

It’s the kind of hair that makes a statement.

The kind of hair that celebs wear (Katy Perry…Michele Williams). And the kind of hair that is fast and quick and easy to manage on a daily basis.

PLATINUM: This creamy shade is great for fair complexions because the color is so similar to the skin.

BUTTERY: Perfect for a “pink-ish” skin tones.

HONEY: Darker skin and complexions with an olive undertone look fab with this rich golden-y haircolor.

Back to School Blonde

Back to School Blonde

Back to School Specials

August 10, 2017

We’ve got some amazing Back to School specials for you.

Get the latest look for September back to school and back to work.