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The Oscars Bob

March 21, 2018

Margot Robbie’s easy, wave-driven bob features gorgeous   honeyed highlights, and a smattering of dark roots to give the whole creation an air of laissez-faire.

Her gorgeous natural  “lived-in” blonde look is all about cleverly devised shadow roots and strategic lighter strands near the face, providing dimension and glamour in one fell swoop. Blonde Life Brightening Veil will keep the polished look frizz-fee and the blonde shining bright.

#Joico Celebrity Colorist, George Papanikolas, gives his signature balayage techniques


Spring Hair Trends

February 22, 2018

From wet look hair with a difference and retro headscarves even the Queen would approve of, to hair styled with military precision and the return of the infamous scrunchie (yes, there’s furry versions and everything), there’s a Spring hair trend for every fabulous, and totally unique, personality out there.

The Wet Hair Look

We’re talking damp drizzled hair, that in some cases, like Alexander McQueen, looked like the models had been caught in a full on downpour with their hair running over their face. It’s  a mix of grunge inspiration meets a normal woman who’s just left an intense spin class and she’s super sweaty. But it’s about embodying the vibe rather than literally copying it to wear everyday.

At Blumarine the models’ hair was slick and wet look on top, then bouncy and blow dried on the bottom. It’s two textures colliding but working really well together.

Throwback Updos

‘Hair accessories are so relevant now, especially for updos. Miu Miu’s 60s mod hairbands and Derek Lam’s silk headscarves really set the tone. It’s that retro updo that references the 1940s lady in her soft top Jag. She’s not a woman, she’s a lady.

Looking  Natural

This season’s hair isn’t just about being undone, it’s about going back to its natural texture. We’ve been through the whole perfect wave thing for ages. We had tonged wave after tonged wave, but now it’s got a more raw finish to it that’s  less about the perfect curling tong wave, and more about the texture.  ‘You can play with different products, and change your parting – flip it up and over to the side for a more 80s vibe, or use a diffuser to dry it for that caught in the wind look.

The Natural Look for Spring

The Natural Look for Spring