New Spring Colour – What’s Hot for Spring 2015!

March 25, 2015

One-dimensional, by definition, means shallow, surface level, lacking in depth. In other words, it’s not a word we usually throw around as a compliment. But forget all that, because the prettiest colors for spring are rich, impactful and—yes—one-dimensional.

Remember when red was a wild color you didn’t expect to see on more than one or two actresses at an awards show? How times have changed. “Red hair is major right now on the runway and in Hollywood!

Good news for brunettes who’ve spent all winter out of the sun: Keep the dark, solid color you already have for spring and maintain it with regular glosses.

If you’re blonde and can’t resist the call of highlights, this is how to do it: Ask for warm, caramelly, buttery tones like Karlie Kloss’, and once they’re blended in as well as can they be blended in, ask for more blending. The point is to avoid that dreaded striping and anything resembling ombré at all costs. And since the summer sun will keep them looking fresh and natural, you can go longer between appointments.

Hot Red for Spring 2015

Hot Red for Spring 2015



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